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Seventeen years of managerial experience of which twelve years in senior business executive management, leading strategic business processes, performance and productivity improvements, crisis management, and achieving significant profits in all profit levels (direct, operational, EBTIDA).

Ms. Root is a founder and CEO of WeFund which specializes in allocating worldwide investors to Israeli advanced technology companies & startups. Ayelet has 11 years of executive managerial experience in Pilat of Hi-Capital Group (former Hi-Capital), including as a Deputy CEO and Assessment & Recruiting Division (P&L) manager and as CEO of Hicapital. She has expertise in P&L management in both crisis and rapid growth periods. Rich experience in performing reforms and creating breakthroughs to the company value. Ayelet is experienced in Mergers and Acquisitions from both sides as CEO of a company that was acquired by the leading insurance company in Israel as well as leading M&As as the acquiring company.

Ms. Root is carrying her Ph.D. studies at Ben Gurion University in the faculty of Industrial Engineering in Mergers and Acquisitions. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Management college Rishon Litzion, where she graduated with Honors and granted an excellence scholarship. She also holds a B.A. degree in economics and communication from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Since 2015 she is a Certified Director at “Lahav” managerial development at the Tel-Aviv University

Ms. Root is fluent in Hebrew (mother tongue) and English language.

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