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Dr. Carmit Rapaport is a teacher and an Academic Coordinator of MA programs for Coping with Disasters and Emergencies at the University of Haifa, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies. She is a Director of the Institute for Regulation of Disaster and Emergency at the College of Law and Business. She has obtained her Ph.D. is at the Israel Institute of Technology on the topic of “Organizing for Organizational Survival: Business Continuity as an Adaptive Social Process”.

Dr. Rapaport is a member of the committee of the Israel Fire and Rescue Authority, appointed by the Israeli Fire and Rescue Commissioner for examining the climate change effects on Fire and Rescue Authority, and a Head of Evaluation unit and Academic Advisor of the Israeli National Center for Resilience.

Dr. Rapaport has taken active participation in numerous national and international scholarly conferences and has organized the 5th and the 6th Forum of Disaster Management and the Israeli National Conference on Earthquake Forecasting. She is a lecturer at a series of annual meetings and conferences on different topics such as Human behavior during fires in buildings, Resilience of families, Organization preparedness and risk reduction, Organizational continuity under extreme conditions, and others.

She has received grants for different research activities, funded by the Israeli National Fire Authority, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Defense, and the Ministry of Tourism. Dr. Rapaport is a lecturer in B.A. and M.A. courses on the topic of Research Project, Research Methodologies. Also, she has published numerous articles in refereed journals, scientific books, conference proceedings, and others.

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