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CDR. (ret) Pinko is a holder of Israel’s Security Award, Prime Minister’s decoration of excellence, DDR&D decoration of excellence, and Israeli Defense Forces Commander-in-Chief decoration of excellence.

He is a retired Navy Commander, who has served in the Israeli Navy for twenty three years. Among these, 4 years in operational duties, 12 years in managing missiles development programs and 6 years in commanding intelligence branch. For five more years, CDR. (ret) Pinko served as a Head of Division at the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office (civilian rank equal to RADM- Rear admiral).

Since August 2017, he is a senior consultant for intelligence, cyber and security at the Israeli National Cyber Directorate, Defense/HLS companies and other companies all over the world and in Israel. CDR. (ret) Pinko has been a keynote speaker in cyber, intelligence and strategy conferences in the US, Singapore, Greece, India, Italy, Croatia, Mexico, Germany, UK, Israel and more. He is a senior researcher and wrote many articles for the IIMSR research center (Bulgaria), Europa research center (Israel), REAIS (Greece) and OSI research center (Spain).

He holds Bachelor Honors Degree in Electronic Engineering, and two Master degrees with honors in Political Science and in Organizational Development. His PhD on military and naval asymmetric strategy was obtained at the Bar-Ilan University.

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