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Innovation leader, researcher, university lecturer, ergonomics (human factors engineering) expert, and industrial designer at ERGOTECH – Ergonomics + Design Ltd ( The expertise of Dr. Eldar includes managing a research group, comprising theoretical and experimental methods, human factors engineering, human-machine interfaces, and design; executing end-to-end large-scale projects for numerous global organizations worldwide including IOT, automotive, healthcare, military systems, and industrial products.

Ranit Eldar received her Ph.D. and MSc. degrees from the faculty of architecture and town planning and industrial design at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, in collaboration with the faculty of Medicine in Tel-Aviv University and Biomechanics faculty in Wingate, the national institute for sports excellence, in Israel.

Dr. Eldar has the ability to work and bridge across multiple disciplines including UI/EX, human-machine interface and design, advanced technologies, engineering, and manufacturing. Her academic articles and patents are in the field of security, ergonomic design, advanced technology, body interfaces, performance, motion analysis, and visual mapping. Dr. Eldar has working experience in collaboration with R&D institutes in Israel, Europe, and the USA.
She is a former lecturer at the academy and for professional staff as researches, engineers, designers, and manufacturers; and a former head of the industrial design R&D department at Teknion International Ltd.

Dr. Eldar is fluent in Hebrew, English, French, and Bulgarian.

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