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Mr. Einav is an independent consultant and a group leader in the areas of expertise such as business and personal excellence and leadership, high-level management and crisis management, team building, customer experience, and sales development.
He is a leading expert in performance improvement and profitability processes in many Israeli and international organizations and conducted seminars and lectures on management and leadership in many global organizations and countries such as Russia, France, Hungary, Belgium and more

In 2007-2009 he was a Service and Sales VP in a Consulting company, in his management he was in charge of the establishment and ongoing management of 12 sales, service and retention centers; direct management of 12 focal managers, MIA coordinator, analyst and indirect management of approximately 100 employees. In addition to the ongoing management, he was in charge of building business work plans for effectiveness and profitability, budgetary control management, writing methodologies, etc.

In 2002-2007 Mr. Einav was the Customer Service Call Center Manager of “Visa international & diners club credit card company” and “Cellcom communication company”. In both companies, he was a direct manager of 12 team managers and an indirect manager of approximately 250 employees.

In 1996-2002 Mr. Einav was a Security Guard Head of staff of the Airport Authorities in Israel, managing security guards and responsible for security guard training courses, including writing security procedures.

He is fluent in both Hebrew and English languages.

He loves sports and regularly participates in Ironman competitions, Triathlons and Marathons.

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