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WEBINAR: “COVID-19 Business Innovation Impact”

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

On 28 May 2020, the International Institute for Migration and Security Studies organized a free webinar on “COVID-19 Business Innovation Impact”.

Can this pandemic be an innovation accelerator and in what ways?

The webinar focused on innovation generated by the epidemic as well as business opportunities in the short and long run. During the webinar, we analyzed the breakthroughs businesses are experiencing during this pandemic such as shifts in demands, adopting new strategies, mode of operations, business models, and new ways of collaboration.

THE SPEAKER: Ayelet Root has 17 years of managerial experience is the Founder & CEO of WeFund which specializes in worldwide investments to Israeli advanced technology companies. Ayelet is experienced in Mergers and Acquisitions from both sides as CEO of a company that was acquired by the leading insurance company in Israel as well as leading 5 M&As as the acquiring company.

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