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NMF- IIMSR Inaugural Dialogue: an establishment of a new partnership in maritime domain

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Last week was a very fruitful one for strengthening the IIMSR’s partnership network and collaboration in the naval and maritime domain. A delegation from the IIMSR led by the president of the Institute- Col. Amir Goren, visited India on invitation of the National Maritime Foundation (NMF) for “NMF-IIMSR Inaugural Dialogue: Sharing Perspectives” which took place between 13.11.- 14.11. in New Delhi. The delegation of the IIMSR- Col. Amir Goren, the vice president Major Avner Saar, CDR Eyal Pinko (Ret.), Flotilla Admiral Prof. Boyan Mednikarov, DSc and Ivanka Martinova, were warmly welcomed by the Director-General Vice Admiral Pradeep Chauhan AVSM & Bar, VSM, IN (Retd.), the Executive Director Captain Sabrajeet S Parmar and their professional team. During the two-days event representatives from both organizations presented their perspectives and conducted vital discussions on current issues of common interest such as Geopolitics and Maritime Strategy, Straits Security and Border Control, The New Face of Terror, Immigration Challenges, Naval Hybrid Warfare, Maritime Domain Awareness, International Law, Energy and Maritime Commerce. The event was also attended by guests from foreign missions in India. The inaugural dialogue was opened with signing a framework agreement for collaboration between both organizations for joint research and analysis, scientific activities, practical recommendations, and events in the Naval/Maritime Domain. The National Maritime Foundation, New Delhi was established in 2005 as India’s first maritime think-tank for the conduct of independent and policy-relevant research on “matters maritime’. While it is an autonomous think-tank, its intellectual and organizational development is supported by the Ministry of Defence and the Indian Navy. For IIMSR, NMF is an important strategic partner and we strongly believe that we have laid the foundations of a fruitful future collaboration.

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