• CDR (ret.) Eyal Pinko, Ph.D.

WEBINAR VIDEO “China’s Biological Warfare and the Coronavirus”

On April 14, the IIMSR organized the first of a series of webinars dedicated to the coronavirus pandemic's aspects. The viral spread made us look deeper in the China's Biological warfare doctrine. In the webinar were covered issues like: What is a biological weapon? Is the use of biological weapons a contemporary phenomenon? Why is China developing biological weapons? Is the Coronavirus a product of the Chinese development of biological weapons?

Speaker was CDR (Ret.) Eyal Pinko. He is a navy commander (ret.), and a former head of division in the Israeli security services. A researcher and a lecturer in the security and maritime strategy, intelligence, and cyber. His doctorate dealt with the field of maritime strategy and warfare.

Watch the FULL video of the Webinar here.

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