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WEBINAR: “Crisis Management Leadership”

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

The International Institute for Migration and Security Studies organized a free webinar on 4.06.2020 on the topic “Crisis Management Leadership”. Speaker: Mr. Yaniv Einav

Watch the FULL video of the Webinar here.

We have decided to shift a sight to business security from a top-down perspective. COVID-19 disrupted almost all spheres of life and shook the business in an unprecedented way. Still, the global economic impact cannot be measured.

  1. What challenges are to be faced?

  2. How to build organizational resilience?

  3. How to shift from responsiveness to proactiveness?

The speaker, Mr. Einav, has more than 20 years of senior managerial experience in various positions in large companies, part of the Israeli economy. For the last 10 years, he is consulting many companies in Israel and in Europe on building and managing their successful strategies.

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