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Updated: Feb 11, 2021

In every crisis lies the opportunity to grow. The Corona crisis has given us the opportunity to test our ability, as individuals, to look inward and to deal with feelings of fear and uncertainty over time. Aside from the guidelines on how we should act on a daily basis in order to maintain our health, we have to deal with difficult feelings, each in his own way. Will we be able to cope with all the changes that have been forced upon us? The answer lies with each of us in our own way of coping.

On August 6 2020, Dorite Shabi presented the dimensions of the psychological resilience in the IIMSR webinar "The Mental Warrior".

Mrs. Shabi is an experienced manager, consultant, coacher, instructor, and lecturer. She gets her education in the field of Psychology and Clinical Psychology from the USA and specializes in effective customer care dealing with a wide range of personality types, neutralizing stressors, and finding proactive solutions.

Her professional experience includes Counseling and Guidance; Staff training for organizations in the fields of empowerment, care, leadership, and risk management; Personal Coaching/leadership; Entrepreneur and project management; Event planning; Design strategies and managing the ongoing process; Diagnosis and mapping of needs.

See the record of the webinar here:

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