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Col. (Ret.) NATAN PAZ

Field Expert

Colonel (Ret.) Natan Paz Brings over 24 years of experience in prison management and special forces. He is an Expert in fighting crime & terror tactics: inside, into, and from prison facilities.

Col. Paz has obtained over 10 years of experience in the special units of the Israeli border police. He is a former head of the national prison special intelligence unit “DROR”, a former Commander of “RAMON” maximum-security prison, and the Head of the research and evaluation department at the intelligence division of the IPS.

Col. Paz holds a Bachelor Honors Degree in Criminology and law enforcement studies, a Bachelor’s degree in Law studies, and a Master’s degree in Law studies. He is a research associate at the Institute for Counter-Terrorism ICT, Herzliya.

Businessman with Glasses

Areas of Expertise: Fighting Crime and Terror Tactics in Prisons, Criminology, Law Enforcement, Law Studies, Border Security

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