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Research Fellow

Dr. Yehiel Shabi is an expert in Middle-East Geopolitics, Israel-Palestine National Conflict, Public Relations, and Marketing. His doctorate is from the University of Bar – Ilan, as a part of the “Special Program for outstanding Ph.D. students”. Currently, he is a project manager in “Hayovel Ambassadors”, Shomron Regional Council, and a lecturer in the School of MBA and Political Science Department at the Bar-Ilan University.

Dr. Shabi was a board member of the Israeli Film Council for ten years, a Spokesman of the Ministry of Communications and in charge of public relations from 2006 to 2018, and a director in several government companies and public councils: Acre, East Jerusalem, Galilee, ATC

Since September 2004 Dr. Shabi is a consultant and speaker on the Islam, Israeli – Arab conflict. As an expert in the conflict, he is advising numerous institutions, such as the Supervision Coordination Department of the prime minister’s office, the Israel Police, the Municipality of Beer – Sheva, the Green Police, and others.

As a part of his scientific and academic work, he has written numerous op-ed articles in the written and electronic media and is a lecturer at the School of Journalism “Title”, at the educational unit of Bar-Ilan University in Israel and at other universities in Israel and abroad.

His professional experience includes a municipality spokesman, senior consultant for the mayor of Ness Ziona, and manager of the Advertising and Public Relations Department.

Dr. Shabi is fluent in Hebrew, Arabic, and English language.

Businessman with Glasses

Areas of expertise: Middle-East Geopolitics, Israel-Palestine National Conflict, Public Relations

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